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Toyota develops advanced internal combustion engines amid electric vehicle revolution

Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda said internal combustion engines (ICEs) still have a future even as they strive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Toyota's chairman's announcement is sure to attract the attention of industry observers and policymakers alike, Cyberstate writes.

Toyota's chairman, speaking at a press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show, said Toyota is developing next-generation internal combustion engine models that will play an important role in achieving a carbon-neutral environment. Mr. Toyoda said that internal combustion engines still play a role as a practical means of achieving carbon neutrality, and Toyota is thus improving engine technology. Even with the rapid development and adoption of battery-electric technology in modern cars, Toyoda believes that the development of engine technology is a necessary step towards the future.

The next generation of Toyota vehicles are expected to use improved internal combustion engines starting this year. Toyota says developing advanced engine technology will help protect Japan's auto sector, which currently employs about 5.5 million people. The goal of combustion vehicles is to critically reduce carbon emissions, and Toyota is committed to achieving this in several ways. Engines can have higher compression ratios and cleaner combustion. Toyota is also developing engines that run on cleaner hydrogen fuel.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota showed off some impressive ICE models, such as the GR Yaris and Lexus LBX RR Morizo Concept with a 300 hp engine. These models, and others in development, promise a promising future for ICE vehicles with lower emissions. Toyota will have to improve its technology to be able to compete with battery electric vehicles, which have become the vehicle of choice among the public.
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