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Türkiye demonstrated the modernized version of the outdated American M60 tank

M60 is an American main combat tank, developed in the late 50s of the last century. This combat vehicle, armed with a 105-mm gun, was designed on the basis of the M48 Patton III medium tank. Serial production of M60 was carried out at American factories from 1960 to 1980, and Italy produced these tanks under the license until 1987. A significant part of such combat armored vehicles of the US Army was located in Europe. They were intended to contain Soviet tank divisions in the event of a hypothetical conflict.

The M60 tank to this day is in service with the armies of a number of countries. One of the largest operators of such OBT is the Turkish army. According to open data, there are more than 950 such tanks of various modifications at the disposal of the Turkish armed forces. By the way, it was Türkiye that proposed its version of the modernization of this armored veteran of the Cold War. This was announced by the Polish profile resource Defense24,

As stated in the material of the publication, the Turkish company Rokestan announced the successful completion of the polygon tests of the new Tower System of the MZK 105 for the M60 tank. In addition to the American tank, the new tower can be used to modernize the old German tanks Leopard 1 and even ... Soviet T-72.

The statement of the Turkish weapons company suggests that the first stage has been passed on the path of introducing a new tower into serial production. The modernization package will be offered to operators of the M60, Leopard 1, and T-72 tanks. For the first time, the new tower was presented at the beginning of last year, and in June, landfill tests were demonstrated. The tower was mounted on the chassis of the M60A3 tank.

Defense24 reports that the new combat module is equipped with a 105-mm gun. This is probably the American M68 or its derivative. However, it is indicated that the American gun can be replaced with a 125-mm Soviet-model gun with separate loading. The tower with such an instrument has the designation of MZK 125, the gun has an automatic loading.

The version of the combat module with a classic 105-mm gun is also equipped with a mechanized supply of ammunition, which allows you to reduce the crew of the tank per person. Primary ammunition [Probably the one in the mechanized styling, approx.] It is 18 shots. A new tower of 1,500 kilograms is easier than the original one, which had a lot of 14,500 kilograms. As a result of such a solution, the lifting capacity of the tank increases, which allows you to use the difference in the mass to install additional armor or other equipment.

The manufacturer claims that dynamic armor modules provide protection against anti -tank guided missiles. Although, according to Defense24, such a statement causes certain doubts if you take into account the effectiveness of modern anti -tank weapons. The roof of the tower is covered with additional modules, which provide protection against barring ammunition or shock FPV thrones. A modern fire control system is mounted in the tower, as well as a warning equipment for irradiation with a laser beam.

Defence24 experts say that so far it remains unknown how many modernized M60s with a new tower the army will order Turkey. There is a chance that Altay Tanks will be replaced by obsolete American cars. The manufacturer has enormous hopes for export orders from current M60 users, such as Egypt, Yemen, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. However, it is possible that the modernization package for the T-72 tank will become more popular, given the widespread spread of the Soviet combat vehicle.
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