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How was the main battle tank in Egypt - Ramses II updated?

The Egyptian main battle tank, Ramses 2, is an American variant of a modified version of the Soviet T-54 and T-55 tanks. An interesting detail in the engine of this tank, because the rear of the tank's hull was lengthened by 60 cm, due to the installation of a new diesel engine of the AVDS-1790-5A series with a turbocharger, which developed the tank's power by 908 hp.

In addition, the old five-speed manual gearbox in Ramses 2 was replaced with a hydromechanical TCM-304 (West German version of the Renk RK-304 model), by the way, specially designed for medium and heavy tracked vehicles.

Also, with regard to the armament of the main battle tank of Egypt - Ramses 2, the 100-mm cannon was replaced with a slightly longer version, namely the 105-mm gun from the American M60 battle tank. However, it is important to note that the engineers decided to keep the original shutter from the DT-10T.

Guidance system

In the main battle tank of Egypt for guidance, it was decided to add a modern guidance system "Tyten" MK 1, which included the sight of the "Avimo" TL10-T brand. The targeting system also uses a laser rangefinder and a graphical display integrated into the CRT eyepiece. Additionally, four smoke grenade launchers were installed on board.

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