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How much does the Russian battle tank T-14 "Armata" and Abrams (USA) cost?

The newest tank in Russian service is the T-14 Armata. This 48-ton military tank started as a concept for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to replace the "Object 195" program in 2010.

It is important to note that the T-14 Armata battle tank has dynamic explosive protection technology that protects passengers from direct hits, similar to the ballistic protective armor on American military vehicles. In the center of the T-14 "Armata" there is a compartment in which there is an automatic loader and an ammunition rack.

The maximum speed of the military vehicle is about 88 km per hour, which makes it one of the fastest military tanks available. According to open sources, about 20 of these Armata T-14 tanks are in service in Russia.

According to experts, the Russian tank costs just under $4 million, while the closest American competitor, the Abrams tanks, will cost $6 million. According to Wikipedia, a unit of an American tank costs 6.21 million US dollars (M1A2 for fiscal year 99). In 2016, the new price is estimated to be about US$8.92 million (adjusted for inflation).

However, 20 Russian Armatas in service have been delivered to the Russian military for testing, which should be completed this year, when mass production and a more accurate cost of military equipment are expected to begin.
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