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Advantages of a modern "diesel engine", for example V-2

The V-2 tank engine was developed before the war, becoming the best engine made in the USSR. It is surprising that it is still being produced in a modified form.

The V-2 tank engine is a piston internal combustion engine that converts the chemical energy of the fuel burned in them into mechanical work. B-2 belongs to the type of engines with compression ignition, since in them the fuel is ignited when it is injected into a cylinder filled with air heated as a result of compression.

Advantages of a modern diesel engines:

Low fuel consumption. Diesel internal combustion engines consume about a third less fuel than gasoline engines.

Low level of toxicity of harmful emissions. Efficient fuel reprocessing systems have made dirty diesel a myth of yesteryear.

Great resource. Diesel units usually serve an order of magnitude longer than gasoline counterparts.

High efficiency. Diesel fuel burns with greater "efficiency" than gasoline, thanks to a special ignition method and a well-thought-out design of the combustion chamber.

The optimum pressure in the high compression chamber ensures economical fuel consumption while maximizing power. It turns out that a diesel engine generates more energy, which means it is capable of delivering more power than a gasoline engine.
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