News 2022

South Korea presented a prototype of the NG-MBT tank

The prototype of the NG-MBT tank was first shown in 2022, but this time the developer, the South Korean company Hyundai Rotem, revealed a number of details about this project.

As noted, against the backdrop of Seoul’s order for the 4th batch of K2 MBT, the national tank industry is “looking to the future.” Currently, the promising NG-MBT vehicle is designed for a crew of two people housed in an armored capsule. However, there is debate over whether this number of staff will be able to cope with the long-term workload. Therefore, the possibility of accommodating a crew of three is also being considered.

The turret will be remote-controlled and located at the rear of the tank, while the power unit will be located at the front, increasing crew protection similar to the solution already tested on the Israeli Merkava. The powertrain could be all-electric, based on hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and two electric motors.

No power data was provided, but since the stated weight of the tank is less than 55 tons, it is safe to say that the overall weight should not be lower than that of current MBTs, but it will still be guaranteed important advantage:

The electric motors provide maximum torque at all speeds, resulting in greater acceleration, which is a key factor when changing positions after shooting.

The developer plans to introduce rubber tracks that will reduce weight and vibration.

The main armament will be a 130 mm cannon with an automatic loader. The German Rheinmetall has been developing a gun of this caliber for several years and has implemented it in its Panther MBT, presented in 2022. It is not yet clear how the South Korean tank project is related to it.

Other weapons include a battle station with a 12.7 mm machine gun. To the left of it is a missile launcher consisting of 2 ATGMs installed in a vertical launcher. The roof houses an anti- drone jammer , and at the rear of the turret is visible a take-off and landing system for a rotary-wing UAV designed to keep the crew aware of the situation on the battlefield.

The release of the first prototype of the tank “in hardware” is planned for 2030.