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Tank Arjun successfully tested a new anti-tank guided missile

In India, they successfully tested an anti-tank missile guided by laser guidance. It is reported by Army Recognition.

The Ministry of Defense of India reported on the successful firing tests of a guided anti-tank missile. The tests were carried out on the Indian MBT Arjun. The missile was developed by the DRDO organization - an analogue of the American DARPA. They specialize in developing new weapons.

The tests were carried out at two distances - in both cases, the targets were accurately hit by missiles. Telemetry systems recorded satisfactory flight performance of the missiles. The laser-guided ATGM uses a tandem high-explosive fragmentation HEAT warhead. It is capable of hitting armored vehicles with dynamic protection. Rocket caliber - 120 mm.

Department of Defense Secretary for Research and Development and DRDO Chairman Satish Reddy congratulated the teams involved in test-firing laser-guided ATGMs.

The Arjun tank is an Indian main battle tank. It was designed in 1996 and entered service in 2004. Six years later, a more advanced version of the Arjun MK2 tank was introduced. The main armament of the Arjun tank is a 120 mm rifled gun with an improved recoil system. It is capable of firing several types of ammunition:

- armor-piercing sub-caliber APFSDS
- high-explosive fragmentation shells HESH
- armor-piercing sub-caliber APFSDS Mark 2 with a new rod
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