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Upgraded version of the V-84 tank engine

Undoubtedly, the T-90 battle tanks have powerful armament, a modern fire control system, which allows them to hit targets with high accuracy at any time of the day and in all weather conditions.

However, an equally important component in such battle tanks is undoubtedly the tank engine.

Early modifications of the T-90 battle tank are equipped with a four-stroke V-shaped 12-cylinder multi-fuel liquid-cooled V-84MS diesel engine with direct fuel injection and a driven centrifugal supercharger. By the way, this V-84MS tank engine develops the maximum tank power up to 840 hp. from at 2000 rpm.

It is also important to note that later models of T-90 tanks, such as the T-90A / C, are equipped with the B-92S2 engine, which is an upgraded version of the V-84 and differs from it by the installation of a turbocharger (2x) and an improved design, which allows to increase develop engine power up to 1000 hp. from at 2000 rpm.

In addition, similar tanks and tank engines are used in other countries. For example, the Algerian "Terminator", which is well suited for operations in the desert against both mobile formations operating on vehicles with light weapons and against regular units, with tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, which are supported by aircraft, and 1000 - a strong tank engine will provide high mobility characteristics.

You can find other models of tank engines, including modifications of the V-84, by clicking on the link.
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