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A new Turkish military tank jointly developed with the Korean concern Hyundai. What is known?

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusolu specified what the Turkish main battle tank Altay will be like. In particular, it became known that it will go into production with a South Korean tank engine.

Turkey and South Korea have already signed a corresponding agreement. Earlier it was reported that BMC, which received a contract to supply the Turkish army with Altay tanks, was negotiating the engine with two South Korean companies Doosan Infracore Co. and S&T Dynamics Co.

This tank was agreed to be created by the Turkish Ministry of Defense together with the Turkish company Otokar. In turn, this company entered into an agreement with the South Korean Hyundai Rotem on the joint development of a new combat vehicle.

It was previously planned that Altay would receive either a German engine or a unit of its own design. However, it has now become clear that a South Korean engine will be installed there.

It is worth noting that the tank is almost ready for serial production - only the engine was missing. It is known that the mass of Altay is 60 tons, it can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h. The vehicle has a booking system from Roketsan, as well as Aselsan active protection and fire control systems. The tank has a 120 mm smoothbore gun, which is a copy of Rheinmetall's design.
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